Noteworthy shoe collabs




In a world where pedicures are no longer a habitual bi-monthly calendar event…Hello college life in Madison, Wisconsin where ordinary customs have translated into rare luxuries. Anyways, sneakers are the essence to my existence. Not to mention moments where the weather app on my phone dreads admitting that it is indeed 46 degrees out (a number not considered “cold” to natives BTW) I have no choice but to rid my Bordeaux-polished toes of the sandals that have grazed my walk for the majority of my lifetime. Back to my main point…sneakers. Converse are my go-to. Red ones for game day, black or white for everything else, and snake or leopard high-tops when I feel like I need to consult my wild side.

Above, I welcome the collaboration between Converse X Maison Martin Margiela. Downside: availability September 20th and…a $200 price tag is rumored to be on the horizons. I guess for that, you can go for the Comme de Garcons one’s without an ounce of guilt.

ImageOkay, now Superga has stepped up its game in a collab with the Manrepeller. Velvet and tweed–two materials that I just realized I am lacking when it comes to my shoe department. Prices from $125-$160, available on the Superga site.



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