Dirty little secrets.



What if I decided to let insanity get the best of me? No, this is not some twisted and dark story where I plead to be mad, folly and reckless. Rather, it’s a beautiful tale…

A tale where the countdown to Paris fashion week has inevitably begun and I would do unquestionable things to peace out from Madison, Wisconsin for a quick second to hit up Charles de Gaule. I pulled it off last year, but it just so happens that I was already in that side of town, rather than being just 4,148.8 miles away.

Don’t tempt me. I’m probably a bit crazier than I look or seem. Now that I’ve bared this much…I might just admit that I do dream about it at night, a potential factor that may or may not be adding to my endless nights of tossing and turning, insomnia, etc. I just leave my closet doors open, imagine that my flight is booked, and wonder what on earth I would wear. Last year, I had a nice, bold red distressed IRO jacket that I worked an exact 35 hours to acquire. In retrospect, it was 100% worth it. The other day of the shows, I went for my snake Sandro blazer. Both items happen to be hanging in my closet as we speak. Or as I ramble my craziness onto anyone who actually held out long enough to hang in there and listen.

Have you ever heard the quote “believe in yourself and you’re half way there?” I do believe I’m 50% on my way. I also think I’m totally losing my mind.

Well, that little collage above is the current inspiration I have running through my mind at 75mph. And below…my personal pics from last year’s Paris Fashion Week.


Bill and I.

IMG_3915Cara and crew @ Vanessa Bruno.


Jessica Chastain making an entrance @ Viktor and Rolf.

IMG_4027Ruffled to perfection @ Viktor and Rolf.

IMG_3917Lights, camera, action kind of thing.

IMG_0650Brazilian blogger (left), Helena Bordon.

IMG_3937Art director, fashion consultant, Argentinian beauty, global IT girl, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea.

PS. The items from the collage above: Lips sweater: Markus Lupfer// Plaid bomber jacket: United Bamboo// Slouchy skirt: Alexander Wang// Ankle boots: Zara// leopard bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs// Black dress: Dion Lee// Love necklace: Lanvin// WTF ring: Zara Simon// sunnies: Illesteva// Essie: For the twill of it// Giorgio Armani lipstick: color 409


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