When your best friend comes in town…


Hello Heritage Tavern, Madison’s new one-month old gourmand beast of a baby and award-winning chef Dan Fox’s new spot.
ImageCocktails first. The Malort drank was slightly bitter, with ginger liquor, lime, watermelon and a nice touch of lavender. Brooke couldn’t handle it, I somewhat chugged mine (a bit slow because yeah…kind of had a bitter tang but I dig it) but…that mojito. Serious. I mean look at the bushel of mint.

heritage2We were seriously feeling that comp bread platter with some pickled crudités and melt-in-your-mouth butter. The heirloom tomato salad with aged parmesan, cashew-olive vinaigrette (didn’t have much flavor honestly), herb citrus couscous and croutons was solid but the night’s winner was 1000% the beets.


Those roasted beets though. Fig brûlée, macadamia butter (insane), roasted strawberries and goat cheese. The little specks are dark chocolate. Best. Dish. Ever. Not normal. And that fish–a serious sea bass with artichoke, littleneck clams, creamed grits and an heirloom tomato-zucchini vinaigrette was bomb.

Service was amazing. Beets were out of control. Tomato salad was decent. Fish was awesome. Drinks were great. Ambiance was a bit of an older crowd.

Snacks around the $7 range, appetizers in the $12 range, entrees are mid $20ish…Go.

Heritage Tavern, 131 E. Mifflin


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