Brunching out


ImageRight, so about this brunch…It was my first time at Graze (I couldn’t tell you what on earth took me so long to finally eat my way over there, whatever.) It was my first time eating this fried goodness, otherwise known as a beignet to any knowledgeable southerner…to which I will not include Miami in this geographical realm, though it very well may be. That’s far from the point that I don’t have…  I guess if a funnel cake mated with a croissant and a doughnut, that would closely resemble a beignet? Pretty accurate depiction. But those Eggs Benedict…Well I clearly had a DIY moment because I don’t eat ham and salmon is my shit so I revamped the menu a bit to fit my likings and…amazing. At first glance, the salmon looked to be a funky shade of red, one on a spectrum I may not have consumed in my past but upon inquiring about the nature of this once lively swimmer, the waitress assured me this was some fine Alaskan salmon. “Oh okay, so it’s from Alaska?” was my genius of a response. “Yes.” That’s pretty cool, I’ve never been there.

I was amounting some anxiety on my way to Graze because it happens to be known for its long ass lines but surpriseee guess who got a table upon stepping foot in the restaurant? Brooke squared and I. Yes, there were two Brookes. One was a lovely visitor from the 305, thus I had a totally suitable reason to feast on celebratory meals all weekend. The trek to Madison is reason enough for a mojito praise (or seven) and indulging in foods I wouldn’t dare seek out on a regular basis.

Beignets were only $4, they must’ve felt for us on the psychological and physiological transformations it brings along…not fitting into jeans, having to work out an extra 15 minutes and all that jazz… Entrees range from $9-$12. DO IT. Oh and as a by the way (not a surprise, but I’m just saying) they do have soy milk. That is all.



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