This pasta…



In the spirit of all things birthday-celebration related, I decided to cross a new restaurant off my Madison list and indulge in a serious carb affair. And so it was… Commencing with a nice heirloom tomato bruschetta with some creamy cheese and pine nuts (delish) and than the real deal: zucchini pesto tagliatelle with melty goat cheese, walnuts, peppers and smoked bread crumbs. It sounds like heaven on earth and…had it not been for the restaurant’s shitty service, all would’ve been stellar. However, all of our pastas came room-temp/on the colder side and when summoning the waiter and explaining this dilemma, he just looked really confused and disappeared. Like, how is that confusing? Waitress number 2 was called upon and continued to express serious confusion (it’s definitely not rocket science, the heat lamps aren’t on lady) and finally, voilà–a new, heated plate emerged and it was awesome. (She did make a point to bring it out in oven mitts to prove a point that it was hot–funny/unnecessary)

Dessert was a concoction of peach-buttermilk gelato with a polenta bread pudding kind of thing, hints of basil and butterscotch with some sliced apple. Awesome. Anyways, verdict about this place: food was delicious, service was horrid but maybe give it a try anyway–you might have better luck? PS. the menu is pretty limited, a few pastas and thats basically all but I think this zucchini tagliatelle is pretty universal and suiting to all taste buds.


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