Not quite Madison.


Paris fashion week 2013
A little throwback to Paris Fashion Week…

Paris fashion week 2013

Paris fashion week 2013

Paris fashion week 2013

Paris fashion week 2013


Paris fashion week 2013



I was on a street style mission. Rewind, I was in Madison, Wisconsin…typical day in the life of a student who studies in the middle of nowhere (but with really great cheese and sports bars? And a fab journalism school but with horrid weather.) And after a few back and forth emails with NatachaSteven, I copped an invite/trip to Paris fashion week to snap the styles around town. I freaked the fuck out, immediately phoned my mother to overnight my passport and a box of essential clothing. I walked around with a stupid smile slapped on my face for an entire week. And so it began. I didn’t sleep for a full week, didn’t tell a single human (save for my biggest fans, mama and grandma), until right up to departure when I figured I should probably send out a little notification to my homies. Next thing I knew, I was connecting in Detroit and landed in Charles de Gaulle.

This is long overdue. I was feeling nostalgic, seriously procrastinating on anything school-related, and just really cold in my apartment, as the glorious outdoors is a nice 39 degrees. Hello bed.

Don’t worry, the other 95% pictures are obviously in regards to food consumption (fromagine that), so I’m sure that’ll follow. Sometimes I get sidetracked and post a bowl of oatmeal instead, I really don’t know what’s in the cards for tomorrow.


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