Kale pesto zoodles with garlic shrimp


Zoodles sounds like a very strange word, but it’s too good not to use when discussing zucchini noodles. Ya feel? In the spirit of healthy/quick/cheap/tasty dining endeavors, I opted for a kale pesto zucchini noodle dish. Hate to brag…but it was bomb.

zucchini noodles kale pesto

For the kale pesto, I used my new Ninja blender/food processor (whatever that thing actually is) which was a birthday gift from a friend Jessie. This was my first attempt at ever making pesto. Actually, I totally made oregano pesto at a cooking class I took at the Brooklyn Kitchen this summer but that was under professional supervision and seven people to a food processor so…slightly different. And a shitload of olive oil, etc.

Kale pesto: (throw these bad boys in a food processor)

-2 large pieces of kale (I guess not all kale was created equally but use some judgement according to serving size, etc.)

-1 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese

-1/2 tablespoon olive oil (probably could’ve used a few of these but I was trying to preserve some cals)

-1 tablespoon almond milk (totally pulled this one out of my…but figured this project could use some added liquids for a nice smooth consistency. It ended up coming out chunky, whatever.)

-1/4 tablespoon garlic powder

-About 8 walnuts (I know your average pesto is made with pine nuts. I made do with whatever my kitchen cabinet offered)

I sautéed those poor little shrimps on the pan with some cooking spray and garlic, no-salt seasoning and basil–the same condiments I used for the tomatoes.

I shredded the zucchini with a nice vegetable peeler (I don’t have a spiralizer)- it looks like your standard peeler but with sharp little indents to make this stringy form come into action. It’s really easy. I threw the strings on the pan (they don’t exactly need to cook) I probably left them there for a total of three minutes after drying them with several paper towels and throwing some salt on it to release some water.

Then just throw everything on your plate and feast. PS. I obviously don’t do leftovers, I think I have a fetish for cleaning my plate knowing there are starving people in this world. However, I did make a lot of kale pesto and you best believe I sexied up my spinach omelet this glorious morning with a fat heaping of my badass pesto. That is all. Make it.


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