Mexico: Life or death



While embarking on a weeklong escapade to Puerto Vallarta, my tourist instincts ingrained the “don’t drink the water” phenomenon into my skull. I like to think my immune system can handle a few out of town ice cubes but I wasn’t about to experiment. With this in mind, I was very thankful for the widespread abundance of coconuts.

I am a coconut water devotee. For the record, Taste Nirvana coconut water is more up my alley than Vita Coco. But there’s nothing like sticking a straw in an ice-cold coconut while inhaling a plate full of chunky coconut meat with lime. There’s also the margarita, wine and mojito thing going on, which somewhat ensures your belly will rest safe and sound. Other than that, I had no problem devouring guacamole and tacos at every corner. And back to the coconut situation fixation, I went to a little market and indulged in some fresh coconut oil to lather all over my body a la Kimberly Snyder. I also picked up a green juice with spinach, parsley, lemon and a generous amount of chai. The chai addition was a game changer.




marketThe Smorgasborg of Mexico…


More market shenanigans. Gringo food, some polynesian super fruit (I tried the juice and politely swallowed in front of the seller and quietly died. AKA not a fan) and some cacao truffle balls with coconut (that’s my jam.)

more market

And more market findings…Handmade wearables and edibles.margMan vs. margarita. My dad and his girly drink and sexy hat.

shrimpA sketchy-looking spot with an excellent shrimp cocktail.


People have holidays for everything. Mexicans celebrate the dead. I dig the festive decor. That sexy skeleton bride…Yes.


Brothers waiting around for sunset.

IMG_0760The beauty of a #nofilter sunset.

famMore fam shots.

moreThe daily essentials: book, mochila, Havaianas shoes and fresh strawberry juice and a cute little marina.

And there’s definitely more where that came from but I figure I won’t bore you all at once since I’m off to LA and San Fran tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll have a whole other archive to post for the world.


One thought on “Mexico: Life or death

  1. Ale comprou algum souvenir? gosto desses artesanatos de palha. about food fico com a água de coco. estou esperando as próximas. ENJOY.


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