West Coasting



Cheers to 2014…Happy New Year’s people.

Part one.

A last minute romantic New Year’s getaway happened. My mom and I headed for LA on December 31st and spent three nights there before trekking to San Francisco on a nine hour adventure along the Pacific Coast Highway. Two cappuccinos, a few meals, and one police stop later (We worked some voodoo. No ticket!)…we finally arrived, exhausted.

But first…LA:

picca1Dinner at Picca, basically the best Peruvian of all times. It was me, my mom and Max, a friend who lives in LA. And the place was recommended by Ali, a reputable food source/my brother’s best friend.

Let’s talk about that avocado cocktail, shall we? If my New Year’s resolution was to start drinking more green juices, I would start with this concoction of rum, fresh avocado, vitamin C, fresh lime juice and agave nectar. And then there was the causa, a revamped potato dish–one topped with spicy tuna, the other with yellowtail. Unreal. Microscopic, but delicious.

picca2Next up, scallop skewers with a yellow pepper aioli and crunchy wasabi peas. Amazing. And the seabass ceviche…running out of adjectives here. Everything we ate was very flavorful and swoon-worthy. There was also a miso black cod skewer with crunchy sweet potatoes.

picca3And since i’m a loyal quinoa devotee, there was no way I would pass it up this time…I mean, you had me at: with fried egg on top. It was a quinoa pumpkin stew with crispy tomato, peruvian corn and parmesan. Like how could you not? And we figured we’d be healthy and go for something fruity, with lucuma, a tropical peruvian fruit. So we had churros. Because…they were filled with lucuma. They were not normal.

urthAnd hellooo Carly! A long overdue rendezvous with a friend I met in Paris abroad went down at Urth Caffe. (Truth is, I stumbled upon it on Instagram and knew I wasn’t leaving without trying it). Let me just say this: blended coffee. I have an obsession with frozen coffee–the sugar free, almond milk and stevia kind. Do you see how rare that is to find? There you go. I found it. Obviously there was stevia and almond milk every step of the way in LA (helped fatten up the stash I carry in my purse, so merci.) The one time I was seriously out of luck was in San Francisco, where I was dying for my coffee fix and found a spot called Cowgirl’s Creamery. From the name, I guessed almond milk was out of the question, so I decided to inquire about soy instead.

“Hi, do you guys have soy milk?”

“We are a creamery. We only carry whole milk.”

Ooops. Gag. Thanks. Too bad I had Pinkberry the same afternoon. Ha, soy.


We thought we were going in for a “snack” at The Ivy. Hopefully you know by this point that nothing stands in the way between me and my mojito. Particularly when they are of the fruity variety and can supposedly be made with Stevia…And even at 3 in the afternoon. Half way through, my mom was already bouncing off the walls. I did not inherit her tolerance. Then we got a little creative with some shrimp tacos. They were good. Everything was overpriced as can be, but it’s definitely worth it to go for the ambiance. Women in fur coats when it’s 70 degrees. Muhaha. And the flower arrangements. Those were serious beauties. And basically just for the sake of taking in the beautiful weather and sipping a delicious mojito with my favorite company. Who gets even better with a drink in (seriously, you cannot imagine what happens to my mom when she is one mojito deep. She usually sticks to Manischevitz.)

Not to worry. There is more to come.


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