My mind is still on vacation



Somewhere along the nine hour trek from LA to San Fran was a beautiful view and an interesting little bird.


Being touristy and taking a quick breather from the winding drive. Plus, our little baggy of dark chocolates was stuck in the truck and it was one of those emergency situations when you just need a few squares of Dove to satisfy the urge.

coqueta San Francisco

Dinner at Coqueta over here. That miniature salmon concoction? WIN. Some queso fresco and truffle oil on top? I’ll take 10, thanks. Same goes for the red kale salad (is that even a thing? News to me) with roasted squash, persimmon, roasted pumpkin seeds and a warm chickpea dressing.coqueta San Francisco

Whatever kind of scientific operations are going on behind the bar, I’m into this fizzy mountain that topped off this so called mojito. But really, if there’s no mint and ice…let’s call it something else. It was still good though. And this chunk of fried goodness that is shrimp and chickpea flour cake with a saffron aioli. Delish, but fried to the max. Now that I think of it, I can definitely justify it because of the green little strands straddled throughout. We are okay now. I just registered it as a shrimp salad in my head. I do those things.post3

Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market goooodies (Aly, I owe you big time for your salvation in the recommendation department). Do you want me to go into detail about this valrhona chocolate chip and sea salt cookie with an outside that equals crunch to perfection and a chewy inside? I figured I would go healthy here (kidding, maybe?) and share the cookie with my mom, while I sipped this amazing juice. Persimmon, orange, pomegranate, ginger, lemon and citrus. Like…way to take every perfect seasonal fruit and juice those babies up so I can inhale it like no other. The cookie was from Craftsman-Wolves and the juice from Sow. You need to get both.

pic4Oh, you need a place to park your kale while you pick up your lavender sea salt and fig jam? Don’t worry. There’s a veggie valet. Nobody was getting there hands on my cookie. I tried so hard to savor my ration and eat it slowly and make it last eternally but…there’s only so much I can work with when we’re talking about half a cookie (they were generously sized ,but still) there’s no such thing as “I’m full, does anyone want a piece of my cookie?” No.

pic5And in those rare occasions where I’m not eating, looking for a new restaurant, or stalking a menu…there are some cultural options. The De Young museum was beautiful and the David Hockney exhibit was massive. Luckily for us, there was a Bvlgari jewelry exhibition too. Some sick rocks over there, the necklaces looked a bit heavy for my delicate self, but I would definitely take on a ring collection… Just kidding. You can just throw the collection at me and I wouldn’t flinch.


Post-museum fuel (thanks to Aly again). The pizza at Pizzera Delfina was out of control. Broccoli raab with mozzarella, cacciocavallo (some type of cheese curd) and olives. Not normal. And than a nice dollop of dessert at Fraiche Yogurt…just some chocolate froyo with fresh figs, dried fruit compote and toasted coconut. Yeah, whatever. They also had soy yogurt BTW, but in comparison…I’ll go with the hearty chocolate option, duh.

lastNow that is a serious view. The weather was ultimate perfection, you know…not a cloud in the sky, a nice breeze, sun is shining–leather jacket weather and you are good to go. I can move to San Fran just for the farmer’s market alone (unfortunately, I’m 100% serious) and because I just liked the city’s vibes, and food of course. And now…one more week in sunny Miami until I freeze to death in Madison, Wisconsin and polar vortex around town (Yes, I just made it a verb because I like how it sounds and I still don’t know what it means, nor would I like to be too informed on the subject.)

That is all.


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