You would think…



…The Miami girl would run and snatch a pair of snow boots before thinking she can conquer a Madison winter. But no. Nike high tops and Hunter boots it is. Until recently, when I started paying more attention to the footwear selection these ladies sport in the winter, I was like damn…probably should’ve just gotten a pair of Sorel’s instead of resorting to frostbite. It’s currently -2 degrees. Is it too late? I mean, this is only my fourth and final year here and I hope to retire to Bali upon graduation and subside on coconuts and curry veggies entirely…something like that.

Clockwise: beige and rubber boots: Sorel // black rain boots: Sorel// Herringbone with coral laces: Sorel// black with red laces: Love Moschino// cream boot: Moncler// black nylon boot: Moon Boots// Furry brown boot (splurge of all splurges): Bogner Alpe Dheuz

Actually…I just decided I’d rather freeze my toes and stick to my snake high top Converse. #denial


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