secret ingredient alert


healthy green juice


I have a love/hate relationship with my juicer. I am a strong admirer of the powerful weapon machine and its abilities to magically transform a bag of carrots into a beautiful glass of juice but…I Hate cleaning the thing (yes, with a capital “H”). But this morning, when I woke up to -8 degrees in Madison, I decided to lock myself up in solitary confinement with the heater on 80 degrees and find myself a project to work on.

Fennel has a good rep among its green relatives. It’s known for aiding in digestion as well as carrying a plethora of needed vitamins. It’s also sweet and crunchy. So here it is ladies and gents:

1 large fennel bulb

3 stalks of celery

1 apple


parsley (I threw some in the juicer but can’t really taste it, so who knows if it’s actually in there or not…do as you wish)

It was perfectly sweet and not to brag or anything but…pretty amazing. The fennel was the trick.


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