ImageJust eat here.

The world may never know, but the food in Madison>Aventura. Any day. Maybe that’s because Anthony’s coal fired pizza (love you to death) is the most consistent thing we have going in the hood (lies. Houston’s and MJ, you too) but still. I wouldn’t exactly consider that kind of variety the spice of life, if you know what I mean. Come to Madison and suddenly the streets are boasting cuisines from every inch and latitude of the planet. Nepal, Afghanistan and the likes.

Anyway, this evening was Forequarter. I have been wanting to eat here for a year. Finally, Clarita came into town and that couldn’t have been a better excuse occasion to celebrate. Great and strong cocktails–that’s my daiquiri and it was everything I could’ve asked to fit in such a pocket-size glass. And those mushrooms. They may or may not have been the highlight of my week. There was a snowstorm and it was -17 degrees, so don’t judge. Fried shiitake and oyster mushrooms with sprouted lentils, pickled serranos, balsamic reduction and salted lime curds (whatever that means, it was killer–in an amazing way).

fourquarter2I think the plating of the fluke crudo was definitely more impressing than the taste of the dish itself. It was still a work of art nonetheless. But for that, I would frame it on my wall and devour something else, know what I mean? It came with compressed turnip, popped amaranth, yeast, buttermilk, grapefruit and dill. Nothing to write home about…the fish was fresh but nothing extraordinary. Then those roasted market veggies with beans and herbs were hearty, flavorful and well-balanced with a nice whipped ricotta.

Still, get the mushrooms. Also, they’re probably most known for the charcuterie and more exciting meats like quail and duck, as well as the cheese platters. But we were taking it easy with a more veggie-loaded night so that was that.

Expect to wait about an hour; no reservations. Well worth it. Small and cozy restaurant with dim lighting and a random bear bursting out of the wall. They did kind of win “Top 50 New Restaurants” in the nation by Bon Appétit magazine so…you should probably/most definitely check it out.

Forequarter, 708 E. Johnson St., Madison WI, 53703


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