Apologies for the profanity but…



Bottoms up. Ideally, glacial and immobilizing Thursday evenings would call for something that would twist your senses to be poured into a shot glass. This February evening was special. I ain’t feeling too hot–sore throat and the likes thanks to the lack of sunshine and vitamin D in my life. And because it was -3 this morning and my apartment is more humid and dry than the Sahara desert, etc. What I wanted to say was…ginger shots are the bomb. A wise friend Natasha once told me that a daily dosage of this ginger was her secret weapon. I gave the deathly bitter shot a chance and here I am…juicing ginger and chasing it with a thick slab of silky honey. You should do the same.

No this is not a sudden “I’m cool, look at my $11 green juice” kind of fad. The Chinese used this root over 2,000 years ago to heal all kinds of messed up stomach situations and nausea. Studies show ginger is healing for inflammation of the colon, muscle pain caused by exercise, high blood pressure, and more. Here’s another link with some ginger information in case that wasn’t convincing enough.


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