Dear Alexis,


Eberjey Teddy romper

Without sounding like a complete stuck-up narcissist, I would like to confess that I am one of my own favorite people to hang out with.

Going abroad to Paris solo for a semester taught me to appreciate my own company. I got over the fear I had of “table for one” and learned how to unleash my curious explorer side. Sitting by the Jardin du Luxembourg downing a spinach, ricotta and pine nut quiche with a glass of wine, a journal, and Matchbox Twenty playing was an ideal afternoon.

Anyways, my point was supposed to somehow connect to my newfound obsession for Eberjey pj rompers. Right, right. So over winter break, my mom threatened to rid my drawers of what I like to call “vintage pajamas.” You could also refer to them as dorky little worn-out nightgowns that should never be exposed to the public eye. Whatever. Techinically, no one sees them so I don’t care, but I really fell in love with little lacy rompers and decided to have a change of heart. Basically, this was my Valentine’s Day gift to myself. Two of them to be precise. One is pastel pink with black lace and the other is a soft hue of lilac.

Here’s the other thing. When I walked to the bathroom for my ritual pee circa 3 am wearing a sweater on top of my Eberjey Teddy…I was not a happy camper. I had to strip the sweater and tug the romper down instead of the other procedure when I only wear a shirt. I decided I was going to use my rompers to hang out and than probably change into my white Hanes tshirt when I cuddle with my duvet at night. I was thinking of maybe opening the door for the UPS man with it because he happens to be kinda cute. We shall see. PS. I also got myself that angel food candle from Anthropologie and it literally smells like a freshly baked birthday cake. Get it. The stationery is from Fab.

Disclosure: Not sure if you’ll be as lucky but…I bought the lilac one on sale @ Shopbop. Good luck.


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