All that has been devoured.

That lobster roll…It was my first time at Tempest and I will 100% be returning. Confession: I’ve never had an oyster. It’s something about the slime and consistency that has intimidated me over the years (pardon the sophistication). Maybe if I got the lucky one with a pearl in it, then I would taste it. Still debatable. The lobster roll was delicious, as were the french fries. I had all the right intentions. I asked for salad instead of fries, but destiny gave me fries and I wasn’t about to pass that up. Had a shrimp cocktail to start, excellent as well. Great cocktails and ambiance. Worth the trip. It was part  one of my Valentine’s Day celebration with Miller. Next was Merchant for cocktail #3, Opus Lounge for #4 (the basil and blood orange drink is bomb). And then of course…KK.

Redamtè is my new coffee shop. I go anywhere to avoid the solitary confinement prison-esque beauty of a library. Stumbled upon Redamtè, which is a non-profit coffee shop that donates all proceeds to a partnership that builds homes in Haiti. They also happen to have these incredible homemade peanut butter granola bars that are slightly life-changing. They’re made with honey and granola, sometimes even chocolate chips. Okay, then there’s the hot cereal. In my mind, I was convinced that meant oatmeal. Wrong to judge. It was a mixture of quinoa, millet and polenta. I got raisins, flax and almond butter to top it off. Bowl of heaven. Different, in a good way.

Then that last iced coffee. Because cold drinks in 15 degree weather are always essential. I decided to go on an adventure today. (Thank you Google maps). I ended up at Johnson Public House. I liked the ambiance, though it was a bit of a trek. I almost didn’t get a table, had a moment of stress and panic and eventually got one. I had a “pour over” coffee. I also had a grilled portobello, roasted red pepper, basil and mozzarella sandwich. Everyone else was getting the breakfast sandwich, which looked mighty fine. Mine was still good, just not photo-worthy so you’ll have to take my word.

Tempest, 120 East Wilson St.

Redamtè, 449 State Street

Johnson Public House, 908 E. Johnson St.


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