Not guacamole.


avobreakfastEgg yolk + avocado = happiness.

Get half an avocado without the pit, slip the yolk inside the hole and bake at 370 degrees for about 20 minutes. My yolk overcooked a bit. I would’ve liked it to burst open at the touch of a fork, but unfortunately, it did not (No #yolkporn excitement this morning). Before baking, slice off a thin layer from the bottom of the avocado so it can sit flat and still in the oven. Since spinach is the ultimate shrinking vegetable, I was left with a measly side of spinach and three sautéed artichoke hearts, which are hiding. I threw some salt, pepper and paprika and called it a morning.

Another guac o’morning idea:

avo eggs

I was home and bored with an avocado that needed to be inhaled ASAP. This is a separate occasion from the one above, I hope you got that…Instead of resorting to my usual guacamole, I decided to pan-fry the avo to decorate my egg whites. It was crispy on the outside and nice and smooth in the inside. Other than that, just some sautéed kale and onions in there, which is definitely not exciting. That is all. Oh, and that Honeycup mustard. It’s perfection in a glass jar. I put it on everything. Literally.

Most people I know have an avocado fetish (myself included). True or false, every time there is guacamole on the menu, or the option to add avocado to your salad, you get turned on and cannot resist.



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