Another day, another latte


Barriques Madison Coffee

Naturally, in my studious endeavors that include anything but a library, I decided that 35 degrees and sunny was reason enough to trek and explore.

Especially in order to successfully procrastinate and avoid studying for a science test tomorrow. Journalism majors don’t do science; they do almond milk latte miel’s. That’s espresso, steamed almond milk, honey and cinnamon.

I ended up at Barriques. This is going to be my new spot. It’s two floors, plenty of natural lighting, great vibes, a pretty extensive wine collection, Gotham bagels, fancy chocolate bars (goji berries and the likes), a serious baked goods selection (the cookies and I had a romantic gazing competition. I won), and cake pops, t-shirts, mugs–basically everything under the sun for survival mode. There’s also a nice lunch variety selection. It’s almost about that time. They also have boozy coffee concoctions, I’ll save that for Friday-Sunday. Maybe.

Barriques, 127 W Washington Ave, Madison WI


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