This was a bad idea.


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Crack brownies. Minus the crack.

I think I spend too much time on Pinterest. Rephrase. I spend way too much time on Pinterest. When I’m not pinning chia seed pudding and overnight oats, the devil inside me is scouting out s’mores pancakes and chocolate chip banana bread. I finally had an occasion excuse to whip out my Betty Crocker skills. I’m not a baker; my willpower tells me not to do so because then I will eat the entire thing. Don’t judge or underestimate me.

Long story short (or not so short), it was Valentine’s Day and I baked for friends (and myself). So I went HAM. Cookie dough on the bottom, a Reece’s peanut butter cup in the middle and double chocolate brownie on top. Yes, double. It was a Ghirardelli mix. And then…there were some leftovers (I don’t do leftovers) so I was like what the hell, let’s make this bad boy into a cake/giant cookie meets brownie.

Shit went down.

I mapped out the step-by-step process for you. It was really simple. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. Mine overcooked fasho but there’s nothing a nice dunk in some almond milk can’t fix. I kept poking them to see how they were doing, and it kept coming out gooey and then I remembered…duh, it’s the Reece’s. But it was too late. But I still had 6 of them. Yeah, whatever. They were amazing. Overcooked or not. #skills.


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