Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 2.59.10 PMThis is everything.

Today is a good day. 27 degrees and sunny is the new hot and sweaty Miami beach day. Okay, not at all but there’s not a cloud in the sky and I think I’m finally getting a microscopic dose of the vitamin D I’ve been lacking these years.


I have an almond milk cappuccino fetish, sue me. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with this Barriques coffee shop. I just had an incredible granola bowl and I’m feeling the vibes. They also have wine. I’m thinking Côtes du Rhône. PS. I’m with Lauren. Not that wine o’clock needs justification, but I’m just saying.

Let’s talk about the above. Like up, up.

Skull candles: D.L. & Co.; those are the Nars and Pierre Hardy nail polishes (Rachel Zoe says nude nails are in. So, nude nails are in.); sweatpants: Romwe; yummy sweater: Acne; black dress: Zara; Sneakers: Celine; and that diamond leaf ear cuff…(holy shit) is Jacquie Aiche

That is all. Happy day to all.


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