A hot date


ImageYes, this is old news because it had already made its initial appearance on Instagram on consumption night, but it hadn’t made it to the Leopard, which was still necessary. Also, if you’re in Madison and you haven’t been to 43 North, go now.

And ff you haven’t had roasted dates, your life has been lacking all these years. These were stuffed with herbed goat cheese and smothered in hazelnut pesto. I wish I had the words to describe it. I don’t. But it was one of the top 5 appetizers I’ve ever had I think. Then there was this seabass with radicchio and a leek, rosemary and olive oil thing going on in the base. It was pretty fab, but not as top-notch as the dates. I wish my blood orange salad was as visually stimulating as it was edibly badass, but the photo did no justice so I decided to omit it. Feel free to use your imagination though:  frisee, parsnip, radish and blood orange in a fennel vinaigrette. Exactly.

Also, there is a 30% off happy hour off drinks and dinner Tues-Thurs from 5-7pm, and Fri and Sat 5-6pm. Not too shabby….


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