Elastic pants and pasta


Lorenzo the Redbury Miami

The thing with buttons on your pants is that…they don’t always button. There’s nothing sexier than a muffin top—when it’s of the freshly baked chocolate chip banana variety. But when there’s a superfluous overflow of excess skin hanging over a pair of skintight Rag & Bone’s, suddenly the muffin scenario is not as enticing. Luckily…this wasn’t the case on this lovely date night with Ilana.

Saturday evening, I scored a coral Joie silk pant on sale. Being that I am a sale scavenger and I have them in black and love them, I had no other choice. Since they are elastic and I wore them out to a new Italian restaurant that I finally crossed off my Foursquare bucket list, I didn’t think twice about the eggplant fries, tagliatelle (it was supposedly whole wheat, but the candle was too dim to verify) and tiramisu. I love wearing pants without buttons. Until I have to…and than reminisce about the time I went to an Italian restaurant and should’ve stuck with grilled fish. Except I did have some grilled wahoo! But I shared it. As well as all other things mentioned.

Anyways, Lorenzo was awesome. It’s relatively new from a hot Chicago chef (not appearance-wise, although this may be true, haven’t googled him so I don’t know) and in the lobby of The Redbury hotel. The outdoor ambience is perfect when the weather isn’t deathly humid.

The pinot grigio was light and crisp, the grilled fish was simple and fresh (I think and hope. Though it definitely could be three months frozen from Costco and I wouldn’t know the difference), eggplant fries were amazing (extra oily, crispy and fried but probably healthier than French fries so definitely justifiable), the “whole wheat” tagliatelle with mushrooms and tomato sauce was perfectly al dente—seriously on the money. The tiramisu was homemade. It was creamier than any other I’ve had, but didn’t have a strong espresso taste which I had hoped to pick up but obviously devoured it nonetheless. I don’t do leftovers, so we devoured it and than I may or may not have still had a square of dark chocolate upon arrival at home.

Here is an appropriate selection when opting for an Italian feast: (or no feast)

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 12.23.42 AMFrom left: Band of Outsiders//Paige//Elizabeth & James//TNTees//Elizabeth & James//Joie


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