Lethal combos


harrys pizzeria miami

So there’s short rib and there’s pizza. And then there’s short rib pizza. Add some gruyere and caramelized onions to the mix and with the blink of an eye and a chug of an incredible watercress salad, that’s 3 slices to the ass.

I’m not complaining per se. It was a fabulous Sunday. After all, I did commence the day with the best Flywheel class (Dwyane in Miami beach if you get the opportunity), followed by an unexciting egg white omelet (thank god I covered it in avocado..), and a successful beach day–all with my shugamomma. Successful as in I’m being kind of sarcastic because I might look like a hillbilly. I never turned around so my back side is a ghost and half the front is bright red and the other half actually got a nice little bake. Needed that vitamin D ASAP so whatever.

So about Harry’s Pizzeria. The watercress salad was fresh and crispy with toasted hazelnuts, apple and this cheese that was the love child of Brie, Camembert and blue cheese; it’s called cambozola and it may or may not change your cheese world. I’m not a blue or Gorgonzola fan but this was creamy and definitely more mild (as opposed to mold), yet still really rich. And of course…pesto vinaigrette. Sold.

Harry’s Pizzeria, 3918 N. Miami Ave. GO.


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