Del Toro Edie Parker M'Oticons


Smiling turds on my loafers: GET AT ME.

Straight up, if you text me a “kk” (or worse: “k”) instead of sending me a thumbs up, I’m going to judge you. Dry, unfriendly or WTF. It depends on the context. And you know exactly what I’m talking about (I think/hope).

Emojis are everything. So when this Del Toro x Edie Parker collab surfaced, I had to brace myself with a glass of Bordeaux and tell myself that everything would be okay. Although, come to think of it, at $340 a piece, everything may not be all that okay.

Smiling shit or monkeys? Decisions, decisions.

PS. This is only available for preorder at the moment. Check it out here, and roll out a down payment plan if you’d like. (I’m being totally serious, it is required if you want to get your hands on these bad boys).



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