Sunshine Saturdays


Bradbury's Coffee Madison Being that I go to sleep at night stressfully trying to map out the next day’s eating adventures (sad/accurate), today’s indulgences were actually spontaneous.

My plan was to plant myself at Barriques for a few hours, sipping my big ass almond milk latte miel and feasting on a bomb hummus wrap, with the occasional dark chocolate hazelnut squares in between.

Instead, I deviated. I ended up at Bradbury’s Coffee. Upon arrival, it was jam-packed. Families, friends and couples feasting on coffee and crepes. I landed a spot by the window. There is sunshine today. Praise the lord. Amen.

I went for an almond milk cappuccino and a mushroom, kale, scrambled egg and swiss buckwheat crepe. It was perfect. Last time I was here I shared a nutella, banana, toasted almond and sea salt crepe with Alberto and got an iced latte. Today I decided that I liked the iced latte better. So I’ll probably get coffee fix part deuce within the hour.

I also just ordered my first-ever Lucky Peach magazine. It’s awesome. It also matched with my green tinted glasses so I had no choice but to Instagram the situation.

That is all. Happy day to the world.


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