Short Stack Madison Wisconsin

If you know anything about me, you are aware that my extent of caring about sports includes donning floral bomber jackets and multicolor Nike flyknits.

Thus, when Wisconsin lost the Final Four and everyone was too busy sulking and being depressed, I agreed the situation was shitty (I guess?) but no excuse not to indulge in late night pancakes and vodka. Being that breakfast is my favorite meal, a new place called Short Stack Eats was basically screaming my name. I had to attend to my calling. It came as a stack of sweet potato oatmeal pancakes with bourbon honey mascarpone. It was incredible. Melt-in-your-mouth kind of thing. Moist in the inside, so heaven on earth when dunked into warm maple syrup.

The menu is relatively small, but you are coming here for the pancakes…so if you’re somehow craving an egg white omelet, stay home. Other flavors include the basic buttermilk, chocolate, blueberry or gluten-free stacks. The decor was cute and cozy, a rarity for any eatery on the State Street map. Fresh flowers everywhere. GO.

Pancakes range from $6.50 for the buttermilk and $9.99 for the gluten-free. The only other options are a breakfast sandwich (eggs, cheddar, bacon and tomato on either a cheese or pretzel roll for $9.99), the cajun biscuits and gravy (buttermilk biscuits with spicy homemade sausage gravy and two eggs for $8.99, which by the way can be ordered in a small portion for $4.99) and finally the trio, which is a nice hefty combo (you choose 3 of either: buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, breakfast potatoes, meat, toast and greens for $8.99).

All pancakes can be ordered as a short stack, though I’m not sure why anyone would choose to skimp out on pancakes at odd hours.

PS. Did I mention this is a late night ordeal? As in, open until 5 a.m. kind of thing? AKA, step aside pizza.

Short Stack Eats, 301 W. Johnson


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