Madison Sourdough


Madison Sourdough is the soulmate I have been looking for in an egg yolk.

Madison Sourdough


Say hello to my eggs diablo. Hi eggs diablo. Hiding underneath a small mountain of fresh spicy tomato sauce is a warm and toasty brioche. While it did get a little soggy due to the tomato, an inevitable situation at best, the edges maintained some crisp. It was amazingness. The egg was poached to perfection (a project I tried to experiment with during last night’s dinner attempt and failed, possibly having salmonella, or another illness relating to the consumption of undercooked animal products). I’m feeling fine though, which is always a beautiful thing. Anyways, as if life couldn’t get any better, there was some fresh arugula on top.

Everything looked incredible. There were free bread samples at the register. I had three, sorry. But there was a “breakfast porridge” bread sample that had golden raisins, oats, rye, buttermilk…the works. So yeah, that was pretty amazing.

I had a little menu anxiety upon ordering (as per usual) because the kale salad looked like it was specifically made for me (walnuts, pear, farro and parm)…get at me. So that will be for next time. I was extremely satisfied with my egg choice.

Also, there is outdoor seating and the place is nice and cozy in the inside, with great service, a nice menu selection and an incredible array of freshly baked goods (the cinnamon buns and granola bars looked out of control).

Madison Sourdough, 916 Williamson Street


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