Weekend shenanigans



It was just one of those weekends.

You see that popcorn? It ain’t no ordinary Skinny Pop. It’s crunched out with truffle oil and SarVecchio and it’s perfect. Even more perfect when paired with that Bare Necessities cocktail, which was a nice concoction of lemon-ginger vodka (house made, obv), St. Germain, and chamomile-honey at Graze. Then there were cheese curds, but that’s obvious and almost standard at this point so I figured the popcorn could use some spotlight since it’s quite underrated. Then there was a blackberry mojito at Opus Lounge, which was another stop in the Saturday Capitol moves bar hop. Fresh fruit, so it was basically a glass of antioxidants and I could’ve definitely had a little more fun with a few rounds of strawberry, raspberry… We had some snacks there too. Don’t get the bruschetta–they skimp you on the tomatoes like no other. But the ricotta, olive and balsamic toasts were pretty good. Crab cakes not too shabby (a little fishy but not in a weirdly fishy way, know what I mean?) Just sticks to drinks if you’re getting nervous. The service was pretty shitty but the drink made it up for it.



This is a standard day at Barriques. I look all studious with my backpack and all, and than voila, out come the magazines and notebooks and snacks. I always get a granola bowl. No fail. They are incredible…and the granola is warm and toasted and amazing. This time around was Mediterranean platter day but I’m usually all over the hummus wrap. It’s my happy place. (Barriques, not the hummus. Although hummus may also be a glorious place…I don’t know.)

ImageAnd then, heeeeey sexy. Beet walnut burger with feta and lemon greek yogurt at Graze. Literal perfection. Homemade (everything at Graze is) and just straight up beet bliss. I’ll go back for this big boy anytime, any time of day, all times, all meals. That is all. Wait, that toasted brioche is actually not normal in the most melt-in-your-mouth-can-i-have-another kind of way. Good moves with those pepitas on top. Errbody loves some pepitas.



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