Hate it or love it


papaya sorbet

Like 50 Cent, papaya is one of those exotic fruits that either turn people on (okay, some) or make people cringe. Others are just confused by it all together and don’t know what to make of the giant, speckled, somewhat peculiar looking fruit.

Clearly, being the vacuum that I am (queen of inhaling everyone else’s food, see: mooch)–except that I’m definitely not actually a mooch because I wait until they are finished and food comatose. I don’t like to see anything go to waste, so I make it my mission to inhale other’s leftovers because there are starving people everywhere. This is irrelevant. I definitely forgot why I mentioned that.

So. Last night, after a dinner of tofu noodles (great for temporary satisfaction, but an hour later, I feel like I’m about to break a Yom Kippur fast and come into contact with food for the first time in ages). I had bought this papaya puree that was chilling (actually, ha. ha) in my freezer for about a month, untouched. I decided to have a play date with my food processor and make an experiment, aka dessert. So, I pureed the following:

  • 2 packets Sol Bliss papaya puree
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup almond milk (7 tablespoons to be exact, I just kept adding as I thought needed)
  • 1 Stevia
  • topped the beauty off with goji berries and coconut flakes

Honestly, it was like a papaya banana sorbet. I was into it. It takes three minutes. You should do it. You can also do it with just banana, cocoa powder and almond milk and it’s basically banana chocolate ice cream. Boom.


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