Tempest Oyster Bar

So…this was my first encounter with an oyster. It had been on my (to eat) bucket list and out of all places, I never thought I would explore the slimy creature in Madison, but I did. The other potential to-eat thing on my list is escargot, but I’ll save that for Paris and it is still very tentative.

Something about a snail…I don’t know. Anyways. This was at Tempest, where you can go for a meal (they just started serving brunch in May and a reliable source said it was incredible), or dinner, or…fancy snacks. In which case, you can devour a basket of bread and feast on oysters and shrimp cocktail (which was pretty epic). I still don’t know if I’m an oyster fan or not. I tried six of them and still couldn’t decide. The slurping part was interesting. But if we are talking creatures in shells, I think I’ll still with mussels for now. That’s all.

Melted food truck, The Coopers Tavern

Okay, this sandwich. Food truck called Melted emerged out of nowhere at the farmer’s market and had a ridiculous sandwich menu. This one was the special of the day and was screaming my name so I gave in. The bread was nice and buttery if you couldn’t tell, plus the goodies inside included whipped goat cheese, apricot jam (game changer), toasted almonds (were not very present in the situation) and arugula on this sweet grilled bread. It was pretty awesome. Came with a marinara sauce which is kind of surprising and slightly irrelevant but…yes, I would get it again. The menu was definitely creative though. Hint: glazed doughnut grilled cheese (sounds like a delicious heart attack) with brie, raspberry jam and smoked bacon.

To the right, a ridiculous beetroot hummus. Those toasted chickpeas are amazing. It was from Cooper’s Tavern and go eat it now.
Madison Farmer's Market

Sam and I lounging and being touristy with our Capitol picture. You can’t have too many of those…And then some guy walked up to us while we were singing Michael Jackson and told us we looked picture-perfect so I was like okayyy go for it you baldie. And he did.
sweet potato fries, Alchemy, Dlux

Battle of the frites… So there’s sweet potato and there’s sweet potato. Except one comes with a blackberry jalapeño jam so it wins. Left: Alchemy, right: Dlux. Although take note that Dlux does have two-for-one drinks from 11-12, which can be a potential deal breaker.


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