sips of summer


broken shaker

Everyone knows that a refreshing beverage is the anthem of summer. Especially in humid, frizz-inducing Miami days, with thick air and hot rain (except on those perfect beach days when it’s 90 and sunny). Sorry, I just came from Madison so I’m trying to readjust to the climate (no complaints).

Anyways, head to The Broken Shaker, a spot that definitely knows a thing or two about shaking shakers to perfection. Well, my pisco drink on the left was only special because of the contrast of the nail polish (Essie color I’m Addicted), and the berries; extra praise for the umbrella. So that was the Andes Potion, a mix of fresh berries (one blackberry), chamomile flowers (didn’t see them!), maraschino liqueur and pisco. It was mediocre in comparison to the real beauty (which looks a bit shabby because of some spills)–however, the Jim Ryan’s Mango Clover was pretty epic. Mango, fresh tarragon, egg whites with citrus and Hendrick’s gin. Refreshing, crisp, a good sweet tanginess–could’ve had five and called it my daily fruit intake and that’s it. But my usual self, who feels the need to try every single thing on the menu couldn’t repeat. Brittany did–her Little Miss Sunshine was a nice mix of lime, lemongrass, citrus, thai basil essence (sounds fancy), St Germain liqueur and vodka– a great choice. So she was smart and got two of the same. I experimented and, well…whatever.

Great ambience. Lots of tables, friendly service, nice food selection as well (hummus and the likes), reasonable priced drinks ($11) and a perfect place to sit and relax with great company. Supposedly the punch is great–next time.



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