Crunk on candy


absinthe caramels


The best of all worlds. Caramel revolutionized. Get on it.

Sooo about these Jonboy Absinthe with black salt caramels…There’s some anise, fennel and hyssop (some kind of herby plant thing or something) in this bad boy too. There’s also a whiskey and smoked salt variety. Or if you’re not feeling the alc vibes, be basic and go for the Fleur de Sel or Key Lime with sea salt. Just kidding, word on the street is that the Fleur de Sel one is pretty epic (you don’t have to feel lame).

This Seattle based company launched in 2009 and uses quality local ingredients with organic brown rice syrup and cane sugar to make some fine ass caramels. Great for gifts or for solitary indulging sessions. I think I’ll go for the latter. The 4 oz. boxes (13-15 caramels) can be purchased on their website for $9. I’m into it.


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