Things to hoard.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.23.43 PM


Because I am the queen of all things random, I’ve decided that this roundup goes with the mood of the day. Mood: in need of beach and sun, because it’s 80 degrees + humid and rainy–the holy trinity of FRIZZ and for the first time, I will say that I miss the Madison winters. I might be kidding, haven’t decided yet. Will get back to you on that one.

Too much salt in your hair will obviously give it a spicy cheetos texture, so spray accordingly (twice a week max, and you’ll look like a Baywatch babe, or a French poodle, IDK). I’m a hypocrite because my phone case is black and boring but these are more fun. I have a bra fetish, so that is that. Proenza Schouler and MAC made a collab, so maybe this will finally be my method of getting my hands on a Proenza, this time on my face. Since my phone just got stolen along with my photographed meals memories, I think I need to cut some of my tech-time and befriend something a little more old school. I wonder if the robber would’ve copped the Polaroid. Maybe…since he took my book. A cuff so you can look like the walking social media hashtag that we all are. Casual espadrilles for errday living and…a new brand of reasonably-priced shades. At last.

hair spray: Bumble & Bumble//epic stationary: Terrapin Stationers//shades: Le Specs//cuff: Kelly Wearstler (on sale)//bra: Only Hearts//phone cases: Rolling Stone & Moschino//blush: MAC x Proenza// camera: Fujifilm//shoes: Seed Heritage


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