Around town


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If you have the honor or residing in Planet Miami, than The Broken Shaker should be home base in the cocktail department. I think I was going to need emergency chocolate resuscitation after sipping the spiciest mango caipirinha of all times, but I ain’t complaining. I found the key to the ultimate anti-chug cocktail: make it spicyyyy. So that was that. The other fancy one with a nice herby touch, that was a special request by DLacs, because she likes citrus+spicy, and special humans get special requests.


How’s that for a salmon taco?, obviously, if you weren’t salivating already. This was my first time dining at Pubbelly Sushi (it’s been lingering on my To-Do list forever), and I will definitely be returning. The only unimpressive dinner selection was the tuna tartar; it was beautifully presented, but was slightly off. These tacos, the wedge salad with ginger dressing and the miso cod robatta were all excellent. Service was slightly on the slow side, but whose in a hurry?

photo 2 I really wanted to like Loba, a new place closer to my side of town in Miami, but…I most likely won’t be returning. Since it is only about a month old, the service isn’t quite there yet. By the time we starting choosing entrées at about 9pm, three dishes were already unavailable. The ceviche appetizer was a large portion, served over a huge fried plantain, but lacked flavor. The side of okra with pecans and garlic was pretty solid, and this veggie and farro platter was okay–nothing crazy. Looks better than it is kind of thing. On the flip side, the vinho verde was a great wine choice. Also, pages from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead were scattered all over the walls of the restaurant, making for an interesting decor.

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Okay, this hand roll is not justified in the picture, minus that little microgreen selection adding a touch of…elegance or something. My first experience at Basil Park was okay, I wasn’t wild about it. But today, my second chance was perfect. These vegetarian nori wraps (I added quinoa) were awesome–really good citrus ginger marinade going on. The chickpea salad, seaweed salad and avocado ceviche were among the other necessities you need to get your hands on. The menu is pretty healthy, with no dairy in the restaurant, but a nice fish selection, and some meat and chicken as well. Juice bar, almond milk, vegan dishes, the whole nine yards!




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