Look Ma, I’m having a paaaarty.


summer parties

In my latest blog post for Tucked-In, I chronicle the essentials in Entertaining 101. I mean, all you really need is eats, dranks, talkative friends and a killer spotify playlist. Holla at mine for the best in throwbacks–Ja Rule and Ashanti are basically my parents.

Don’t you dare have a party without a cheese platter, it’s immoral. Also pair the selection with some prosciutto, olives, crackers and a fruit spread (hint, hint: fig). Lowdown on the platter here. Everybody likes bruschetta—extra points for roasting the tomatoes, it just gives the baguette swag, ya know? Recipe here. Oh, and smother some cukes with smoked salmon and put a stick in it…mmm, healthy.

summer drinksNever trust a person who says they don’t like sangria. Also, Food & Wine says these are the best wines under $15, and we don’t question sources like that. Sangria recipe here. Don’t forget the limes and golden raspberries. Oh, and if you could garner some mason jars in the picture, you know you’re going to get an “OMG, I love mason jars!” from someone. Hit up Target—set of 6 for $11!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.27.25 PM

After you pray everyone got stuffed off the appetizers, bring out the taco goods. I’m a fan of the DIY station because soggy tacos are the enemy. Avocado is key. Don’t fear creativity over here—aka whip out the whole cilantro peach thing because…why not? Recipe for chipotle fish tacos with cilantro salsa here. The DIY platter thing can be found right hur.

And BOOM, just like that you got a nice little party on the fly. Who is Martha Stewart anyway??


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