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By the time I finally make the executive decision to crawl out of bed, it’s somehow Sunday evening and than Monday and than…WTF, I’m having my morning espresso, dark circles creeping under leftover mascara smudge, and bun high on my head to blend right in at the gym full of Lululemon-heads with biceps bigger than my ass house.

Is that TMI? It’s cool. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure why I felt the need to barge in on your Monday with my life story but…there it went.

Anyways, if your like me, and you do happen to have more issues than Vogue (#fatgirlprobs, etc.), than…here’s a little inspo for your glorious afternoon.

bra: VPL (perfect for anything)// black tank: H&M// black shorts: Boohoo// pants: Madewell (summer uniform)// clutch: Charlotte Olympia (splurge)// tassel bracelet: Topshop// top: Equipment// Love clutch: Les Petits Joueurs (another splurge, ugh) // sandals: Rochas



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