Coming to terms with…


photo (2)

…mercury poisoning and eating my spinning class.

photo (3)

Yeah, whatever. I was that annoying girl who asked for no rice, just cucumber (I mean, and crunchy things and crab that may or may not have been caressed with mayo). Then again, I’m also the annoying one who photographs her food so…I’m over it. Had I not just sweat out my entire liver at Flywheel, I probably would’ve opted for the original version. But since I chugged some crispy tuna rice over there I was okay with a little swap–also, it was epic. No rice needed. I’ve already showcased some Pubbelly Sushi action on the blog before (here), but these are new dishes so you’ll have to hear about it again.

So that was bigeye tuna with basil vinegar, heirloom tomato and truffle oil at the top. Definitely the fanciest combo to enter my system all week. It got me to the finish line at my spinning class; drenched in sweat and looking like Beyonce.

That sexy thing above is the Yellowtail Roll with green soy paper truffled yuzu, snowcrab and nori flakes.

Everyday I’m trufflin’. (Not at all though, not at all).

PS. To continue salivating, check the menu out here.


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