Crack snacks



If I could bathe in this cookie and soak in it’s doughy moisture, I would lather it on like it’s nobody’s business. I realize that this is a bit strange. But I waited in a nice little line for this gorgeous hunk of heaven that is a Levain chocolate chip walnut cookie, and my muffin top and bursting denim button won’t let me forget it.



I obviously wasn’t going down in the underground for one lonely cookie. So in order to inhale the best of both worlds, I had to sample this hardcore chocolate situation. There are no words or descriptions that can do any kind of justice. Take a bite and you will see that at two inches high, this thing is the one diet-breaker that you should consume in high quantities.

Also, you can order them online. So I’m definitely putting this on my wedding registry five years down the road when I hopefully find a husband.

photo (4)


Also, I have no idea when and how avocado toast became the ultimate trendy accessory, but I’m definitely not complaining. Pile on some avocado and feta mash with chili flakes and pepitas on an epic slice of perfectly-toasted bread and boooom, suddenly everyone around me at Little Collins who messed up and ordered something else is ogling my smashing toast like they just hit rock bottom.

I mean…there’s also a toasted banana bread with ricotta, strawberries, honey and toasted almonds that I wanted to frame on my wall to replace my television but…I don’t have a TV in my room.


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