Let’s TACO-bout it.


photo 1 (2)

If Immaculate Infatuation says it’s a go, than you don’t need brainpower or reassurance to confirm any doubts. You just go for the #eeeeeats and triple dip your crunchy fresh, homemade chips in a stunning batch of guac and some salsas (smoked cashew? Cute breath, but yes) at Empellon Taqueria and call it a night.

I was back on my spicy cocktail kick because it’s my only method of not chugging my drink. First up: St. Germain, cucumber puree and some jalapeño garnish–spicy around the edges, just how I like it.

photo 2 (1)

That pink situation is guava, mezcal and smoked salt and it was a nice fruity drink that steers away from the suuuper sweet crew that feels like your drinking liquid gushers, and pairs nicely with a fried hunky chunky fish taco.

The lowdown: make a reservation. Even though…we made one for 9:30pm, arrived 15 minutes early and ended up parking ourselves at the bar eternally. Awesome bartender and great service overall. The tables are a bit crowded and cozy anyway, so for a party of 2, the bar was ideal (it’s not really a place for a big crowd).

Cocktails are about $13/14, a pair of tacos approx $13 and a nice guac appetizer is $12 with two salsas included in the mix. Oh, and the side of corn is a must–smoky, sweet, cheesy…the whole shebang.


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