Healthy vegan things.


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After exposing a serious meat OD on the last post…I found it completely necessary to balance out the situation and include some plant-friendly friends that I whipped up in a few min.

Okay so this salad…Zucchini noodle avocado salad. I wonder if the plate is more exciting than the dish (this is very possible). But I was in need of healthy consumption, so shredding a zucchini and adding some avo, lime, mustard and pepper seemed like a good idea. It was. Sprinkle with olive oil for more excitement.

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And than there was soup. Roasted tomato and basil soup. It was tasty and filling. Not epic-mouthwatering-OMG, but I really did like it, meanwhile my mom called it “interesting.” Healthy criticism is okay. It was as easy as…eating a box of cookies.


1 can fire roasted tomatoes (no sodium)

1 can chickpeas (no sodium too…)

1 shallot

1/4 chopped garlic clove

1 tbsp olive oil

2 cups of water

1 lime

1/2 cube vegan veggie bouillon

fresh basil

salt & pepper as needed

Sautée the shallots, garlic and olive oil in a pot for a bit before adding in all other ingredients except the basil. Keep temperature at medium and let it sit for about 10 minutes (with a bit of simmer action).

Pour this mixture in a food processor and blend. Than pour it back into the cooking pot and throw in some chopped fresh basil. Than bam. Add in more basil leaves for garnish. And that my friends, is how you somewhat impress your mother.


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