Sushi Livin’ Part Deuce

May never return


So…I fell in love. With a book store, naturally. T-Site in Daikanyama (I did my research, thanks to my little Tokyo bible by CITIx60), was Disney World Barney’s on steroids. Every. Single. Freaking. Book/Magazine. On. The. Planet. x100. Just so you have an idea, the travel section of the store had its own travel agency, ya feel?


Take note with whatever utensil you have in nearest proximity. Should you go to Tokyo and not drop by, I will eternally judge you.


Also, if you cannot handle another morsel of tuna on your plate, head to Ivy Place for a little westernized treat. I may have taken a walk on the relatively boring side with my gruyere omelet, but I was in dire need of a power breakfast and my jeans told me to steer away from the epic looking pancakes (FML). So that happened. It was across from the bookstore, and definitely an action-packed trendy brunch spot to check out. PS. very reasonable prices.


PS. In case you don’t know me well…when I’m on a mission, I take my shit seriously and will dig into every corner and crevice (with Google Maps assistance) to find my hole-in-the-wall. So…I found a local Japanese magazine and via deceptive glossy photos, decided that I was destined to have a juice at Why Juice? After 30 minutes of going in circles and my mom wanting to get rid of me, we found the spot! Mainly, I just loved the straws and the bottle…So I brought the bottle home (it was for sale, I’m not a clepto). It was pretty good, but unfortunately…nothing like Jugo Fresh. But still good.


Say what’s good to the Tokyo Tower–a colorful brother to the Eiffel (except taller) just to say BAM you French beasts aren’t that boss. We went up. Not half as impressive as the Tokyo Skytree but…we didn’t know better until after the fact.


View from the top.


And another view from the top…


You don’t know what zen means until you go to Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai. Pre-fixe menu (my fear in a foreign country since I’m not exactly the adventurous type), and 55 mini rooms (so I could dissect my food in private…what? Just being honest here) and a massive garden. Straight up yoga in a cube of tofu. Like the fried one above.


Aah, nothing like playing it safe with an awesome sesame eggplant (unsafe would be the first course, which was:, I quote you: “Abalone and white jelly fungus, taro, tomato & pike congo sushi”) like…QUE? How dare you actually put the word fungus on a menu? It’s just as attractive as like…oh, here’s a turd paté. Pardon my French. I’m obviously classy like dat.


You can relax, I’m not going to bore you with a play by play of all eight freaking courses. However, the tofu is the restaurant’s specialty; it’s made in-house and served in a warm bowl of soy milk. Everyone knows tofu tastes, umm..rather bland, so it was as good as tofu could taste I suppose? Once you drown it in soy sauce, etc. Kidding. (Maybe).

IMG_1805 Sorry, this couldn’t go unmentioned because…it’s barracuda. When I spotted this on the menu and had seven inner-heart attacks, I kindly asked the waitress if that could be substituted for something more…common. Perhaps, seabass or something of the likes? Nope. So, I ate it. Once I got over this foreign species (aside from when mentioned in the song by Heart), I realized it wasn’t too shabby. Rather tasty, actually.

IMG_1837So, this is what the restaurant looks like from the garden.


And this.




The Gang. Minus one. Daniel was missed every step of the way. But he eats for four, so secretly…he wasn’t thaaat missed. A box of grapes at the supermarket cost $13, so…Dan, we would’ve had to feed you Cup of Noodles before every dinner.


Sneak peak of the Shinjuku hood, somewhat of a Times Square. If you can handle window shopping, walk into Isetan. Out of control department store; stunning. Don’t get a coffee–my latte costed $7. That ain’t right. But I figured it was cheaper than a Chanel bag and I wanted to contribute to the economy and I was tired and needed a little pick-me-up. Done, there’s my much-needed justification.


Also, I had refused to leave the city without visiting the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt hotel. Lost In Translation was filmed there. So the bar is on the 52nd floor and the view is unreal. It’s a bit pricey (I promised my mom I would treat her for drinks here. And than I was like…Shit, cover charge and rip-off drinks got me like…Did I really say it was my treat?)

Blame it on the jazz band, which made you cough up $25 a head. Ask me if I like jazz. Na, I like Ja Rule. So the green one is mine (the Monkey 52); it’s gin, elderflower syrup, cucumber and lime. $19. My mom went totally fruity and had a mango and pineapple drink.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Also, I found out (after chugging two cocktails), that you definitely go here for the view. The drinks were aiiight. No fancy mixology here; just standard decent-ish cocktails (more to the sugary juices than to the exotic bitters if you know what I mean).




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