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So, I did the move. Week #1 in the city as not-a-tourist so I can’t exactly justify my vacationing habits anymore. Except for that I’m still getting adjusted and job-hunting to supplement my internship so…yeah, that’s my excuse (or something).

Tonight, dinner was a quinoa and lentil (like 6 morsels) bowl with peppers and an egg on top at The Smile. It was a pretty good choice but nothing outstanding. I definitely loved the rustic and down to earth ambiance of The Smile though. Plus there was a lot of variety on the menu–everything from braised leg of lamb to a watermelon and cucumber salad. Cocktail menu looked tasty, wines by the glass were a bit on the higher price range. Recommendations are probably suggested since Shelly and I walked in at 6:45 (early bird special waddup) and got the last empty table for two that was under the no-reservation side (high tables with stools).


For lunch, Shelly and I shared a few colorful things at Madison Square Eats. A must. Everything from Momofuku Milk Bar to Red Hook Lobster! We opted for a lil’ healthy something–a quinoa, kale and burnt brussels sprouts (+ beans, the works) from Mexicue, and some fun spring rolls from Two Tablespoons.

Definitely check out this awesome food market with diverse vendors before it comes to a close October 2. Also, Eataly is just a block away and I’m dubbing it the new Barney’s.


Okay…so there was a lot of roaming in today’s agenda and there was no Soho stroll without a visit to McNally Jackson…kinda my favorite bookstore. Ever.


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