Eat. This.



So, among my list of never-ending meals to inhale before I find a more sustainable hobby, was Barbuto. I have heard nothing but gospel-like praise about Jonathan Waxman, his chicken dish and his epic Italian fare. And though I don’t gravitate towards eating the bird, I did consume an epic fellow fish, and some pasta mooching of course.


I opted for the striped bass with pear, farro, tatsoi and almond. The farro was al dente and the whole sweet and savory combo made for a marriage more perfect than…ugh, I don’t know, I think everyone gets divorced eventually so maybe that was a bad reference. Oh, the cauliflower to start. It’s a must. It takes a lot of talent to make cauliflower taste like a gift from the gods, and this one nailed it to perfection. The raw cauliflower was compiled together with with scallions, pistachios and golden raisins with a vinaigrette that woke my palate out of its sleepy daze that had been feed one too many egg whites and oatmeal bowls. I strongly recommend it. Make a reservation to secure your spot.


And than make sure at least someone at your table orders the cacio and pepe so you can pile a mound onto your fork and hold it inside you for as long as humanly possible to keep that creamy, peppery flavor eternal. The chocolate pudding was pretty good, and the extensive wine list has a few fair bottles priced at around $40. The service was good, we were seated immediately, moderate noise levels, unpretentious ambiance serving excellent food.

 Barbuto, 775 Washington Street NYC, 10014 

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