The Best Dessert…EVER.



I have a problem. (Okay, several.) But every time I am in the presence of serious, life-changing food, I mumble the words, “Omg. This is literally the best thing I’ve ever had.” And because I have said this in vain so many times, at such diverse dining experiences, I cannot recall any.

However, dinner at Gato was a different story. First things first, take this sacred advice to heart and just eat there and do not question my command. You must order the wild mushroom and kale paella because everything in life is better with a fried egg on top, not to mention the crispy artichoke bits, and the way the rice gets crisped to perfection in the sweltering pan.


Perhaps it is because I am bound within the perimeters of my chemical weapon, Pam spray, that my eggs do not turn out anything similar to the ones at Gato. Or maybe it’s because they use a generous mound of butter and oil. And boucheron cheese, some kind of a goat rendering that will blow your mind. Well, and the grilled bread lathered in oil or whatever. I don’t know. But these huevos ain’t no regular scrambled scenario, they’re kind of a must.


If you’ve ever tried crack before (I have not), it was probably an extremely similar experience to the warm walnut brown butter cake with quince honey and armagnac (brandy) gelato. I really don’t think my life will ever be the same. I envision it at night, while attempting to sleep and contemplating life and what will be of my future.

Side note: Order the eggplant mini appetizer, it was the winner. The stuffed pepper with raw tuna was a bit of an awkward combination and wasn’t very remarkable. The rest obviously more than made up for it. Also, don’t forget to make reservation. There is bar seating and a few lounge seats, but you’ll have to stare at people until they feel uncomfortable (sometimes works…ish) and fight other hangry couples to snag a seat.

picAnd this was my hot date for the night, Hillary. This romantic lighting and interesting lamp shade situation was at La Esquina, which is a serious favorite of mine, and you should add it to your to do list if you haven’t explored it already. The bartender was pretty obnoxious and made some overly spicy concoction that tasted somewhat like what straight up Cholula with tequila, simple syrup and muddled cucumber would taste like. We had to get it revamped by someone else, who just added a nice load of simple syrup (I silently panic-attacked), and some more cucumber. I called it a salad and continued my night. Music is the bomb though.



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