Another Badass Brunch



Yes, another one. Because the only thing to do on weekends is mindlessly food crawl until the cash runs out and you need a walking break until the next coffee pit stop.

That so called “list” you hear about from time to time are my never-ending scribbles of restaurants, bars, holes in the walls, (even books, music, etc.) I take note of to revisit in more detail. Last month, Dudley’s came off the list.

I try to be relatively healthy, except for when I don’t. Or when I have friends in town. And Sundays. Or weekends in general. And vacation. Ya feel?

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It started out with a cocktail (Pardon the greens for looking mildly disheveled). I inquired about one that looked pretty fruitful, I asked the bartender about it. “Nah, it tastes like medicine. You’re going to want The Scarecrow.” Scarecrow it is and it tasted like the holiday season on the rocks with some fresh herbs and a touch of pumpkin pie. So it was awesome.

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I almost got the avocado toast, but I held myself. (Disclaimer: I ended up getting one as a “snack” at Two Hands like seven hours later.) I got the shrooms benedict instead. Brooke got the salmon one, and was feeling ambitious so she ordered the caramelized banana and maple walnut pancakes as a “side” and I took 30 stabs at it because it looked lonely and uninhabited, pale almost. It was incredible. I wish there were 5 more mini chunks of the banana because that was the gold, but it was epic nonetheless. FYI, those homestyle potatoes…ugh, the crunch. Too good.

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Very friendly service, great casual vibes, cozy, small, unpretentious setting to indulge. We strolled up at 11:30 and there was a 30-minute wait, so we took a coffee stroll and a bookstore browse.

PS. That’s me and Brooke. I met homegirl when I was like 4 and we’ve been soulmates ever since. Heart of solid gold, this one. She currently resides in the 305 and pretty much owns Miami real estate, so if you’re looking for a nice ocean-view apartment, holla. I mean, if you also want a nice billboard view on a ground floor, I’m sure she could arrange something as well.

Another brunch highlight: meeting Eden Grinshpan, an awesome food blogger, whose brunch I had to interrupt to introduce myself and hear her life story.

Oh, wait and hello! I do have a few other hobbies that do not include menu-stalking and constant inhalation. So yeah, we checked out the Killer Heels exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, and I must say, it was pretty killer.

FullSizeRender (1)

I kind of got the Tetris on crack meets mother of pearl vibes, right?

FullSizeRender (2)

This one totally screams Office Depot, carpentry and splinters.

IMG_4845And this reminded me of Lady Gaga. Not like her party shoe, but more of her shoe just to run errands around the city and chill in. Ya know?

Please go to Dudley’s. Seriously, it will be your new favorite brunch. It’s pretty small, but than you get to feel the warm air of the person breathing next to you, which in frigid weather with frostbite and runny noses, is just what the doctor ordered.


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