Not A Dumpling



It’s actually a sweet potato appetizer with za’atar, coconut cream, pumpkin seeds and buckwheat found lingering somewhere around Chinatown, my new home. It was preeeetty good.

I had been wanting to try Dimes for a while now. I’m a sucker for any cozy little hole-in-the-wall sightings I stumble upon. Maybe it’s the body heat that radiates from the persons elbow that snagged a seat almost on top of you, or just the no name, hard to find aspect that calls my name. Does it even matter? My first attempt was for dinner, but I’m itching to go back for a brunch açai bowl. (I tried to go for brunch once and the wait was an hour, grrrr.)


This was the fall salad, a nice medley of greens, sporadic pomegranate seeds, fennel, gooseberries, blue cheese and toasted hazelnuts. The serving size was on point, which is essential in my mixed greens dictionary. Seriously, give me a microscopic plate of greens and die. I freaking love toasted hazelnuts in my salad. If you’ve never had the kale salad from City Bakery/Birdbath, please reevaluate life and head there within the next five minutes. And if you haven’t inhaled one of their cookies, we are done here.


It looks as exciting as it tastes; feel free to fill in the blank at your own leisure. I guess I deserved what I got for ordering a farro dish that comes with a nice variety of veggies–delicata squash, brussels sprouts, mustard greens, some random slivers of Fuji apples shredded over there, pickled red onion and that little scoop of homemade pumpkin seed sauce which I basically slurped down. It definitely could’ve had some more flavor…but I guess it works in the healthy entrée department.

I ordered a saki, fennel, ginger and lemon cocktail, and though it had some nice sweet flavor, I could’ve easily paired it with my morning omelet; it was a bit on the lighter side and could’ve perhaps used a nice two shots of something to bring it to life.

In all, Dimes is a great spot. You can’t have it all. The place is adorable and tiny. There are 6 little two-seating tables, and somewhat of a bar with a few stools. There are no reservations. The people are good looking. You can go with a friend, or on a date if you’re trying to get nice and intimate. I did neither and went with my father. Despite what I’ve mentioned about the questionable cocktail (which I still finished), and the farro veggie plate, it’s definitely worth checking out. Go.


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