New Year Essentials

feast-worthy, swag surfin


…Include kicking ass and killer cocktails, both of equal importance. Now that we have boxing and bourbon on the table, let’s discuss. Overthrow boxing opened up in the city this month, and I was almost hesitant to share it because it’s just too good and I want to make sure I can still get a spot in the class.

But, since I wouldn’t deprive you of essential information like uncovering a serious watering hole (up next: Dear, Irving), I figured it was only fair. Seriously, this was an awesome boxing class with great vibes and instructors and you will struggle to walk the following morning.

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Just in case the abundance of cocktail bars in New York has been somewhat off your radar, here is one not to miss. Dear Irving will most likely have a wait, though you can just leave your name and wander around until there is availability. The Raines Law Room, which is also nearby and will also have a wait, is an option to check out in the meantime. FYI, you can make reservations at both.

Fine, so maybe a Gold Rush, which is essentially bourbon, lemon and honey sounds pretty mundane, but when done well, it’s actually very refreshing, thank you very much. Jimmy was on the more ambitious side and ordered Whiskey Business, a serious winner, consisting of rye, ancho chile liqueur, cinnamon, lemon and angosturra bitters. I like spicy drinks because than I have no choice but to sip, rather than inhale.

Check out the full menu here.


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