Dumplings & bourbon


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The intake didn’t occur simultaneously (bourbon and dumplings), but come to think of it, a whiskey sour with veggie dumplings sounds kind of…not too shabby. FYI, the one from The Leadbelly changes lives. I’m convinced it’s my weekly dosage of anti-inflammatory, cold-fighting remedies–ginger. Anyways, life had come to the point where I almost had to eat my phone if another Mimi Cheng’s dumpling surfaced on Instagram. No need, I went with Jilly and attacked these kale, zucchini, mushroom and egg mighty veggie dumplings. Boom, off the list.

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Jilly doing work.

At 8 dumplings for $10 (or 6 dumplings for $8), that’s a kind of meal I can inhale without needing to sell my body–a recurring thought process contemplated when I order…not dumplings. We also got some steamed ones, which were definitely not as eventful, though the side of garlicy broccoli for $5 was delish. It’s all about Mimi’s special crack sauce. The dumplings were good, though not revolutionary. But there’s a nice, warm ambiance here, which is always lacking in authentic Chinese dumpling spots.

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Speakeasies are hard to share. The idea of keeping a beloved cocktail joint low profile prevents it from turning into every other mainstream bar around town. However, the point of The Leopard is that sharing is caring, and when I stumble upon an epic find, I need to let you in on it.

Now, let’s talk drinks, shall we? 2nd Floor on Clinton used to just be an LES apartment back in the day, but is now an awesome mixology haven at 64 Clinton Street. To the left is Ernie’s The Tempest, which is a combo of absinth, gin, elderflower, green apple puree, lemon and lemon bitters. You can really taste the anise, it has a pretty strong licorice flavor and was definitely unique and delicious. I got the Marie Laveau, which was kind of like an undercover Old Fashioned, with bourbon, averna, cardamom and orange bitters. It was a nice strong drink; a great start to the evening. The place was absolutely awesome though. Go.



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