Radar alert



Sprint immediately to Saxon + Parole and inhale everything on the menu before heading to Madam Geneva next door for refreshing cocktails and a DJ that knows what’s good. Like Ashanti kind of good…

Saxon has everything you ever wanted and needed in a restaurant. Good vibes, hot people, a happening bar, epic food and reasonable prices. Let’s talk salmon, shall we? This whole herby lentil and roasted curry cauliflower dish with a dollop of a pistachio situation is how you manhandle this species like a boss.


Then you can venture out in the fried department and hit up these avocado fries, because it’s obviously justifiable as a vegetable and much-needed dosage of Omega-3’s. They were interesting. Not a bad interesting but not a holy-shit-mind-blown kind of thing. The brussels sprouts however…

IMG_6509Nice and crispy with some chili caramel. Don’t even ask or question. Just get it and your life will never be the same.


This seems like a stupid picture to share but these maple roasted butternut squash with cotija cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and pomegranate was definitely a sexy side.

All in the name of…veggies wooohooo. Oh. The only thing to note was that the Moscow mule was kind of an unfortunate situation. The one at Nitecap demolishes this one, so I would go with another cocktail. That is all.

Go. Now. Make a reservation and feast. Go with a good squad; see Shugamomma below:



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