Just Beauty.



Another place that wins at everything (food, ambiance, good looking people, the works…) is Beauty & Essex. If you don’t get the grilled cheese soup dumplings, you should probably just stay home with a microwavable meal and legs sprawled over the couch.

Anyways, once you make your way to this pawn-shop storefront somewhat of a speakeasy restaurant, though it’s clearly not since it has some massive light up letters on the front indicating the name of the restaurant…head to the ladies bathroom where you will be fed some free champagne. Perfect to chug 15 glasses on an awkward date if need be. Luckily, Brittany was my Valentine’s date so no closet-drinking champagne was needed.


FYI, if you get this zucchini pesto pasta with an egg on top, you’re winning at life and that is the end.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Post food-coma, wash down everything you ate with a lil something at Nitecap, where the extensive menu reads like a novel and one of the best moscow mules in the city is bred. Nice dark and romantic vibes, with booths for small crews or dimly-lit tables for two can accommodate your liquid desires.


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